Tuesday, September 15, 2009

UEFA U-turn

Tindakan digantung 2 perlawanan ditarik balik terhadap Eduardo...

Berikut adalah kenyataan UEFA;

"Following examination of all the evidence, notably the declarations of both the referee and the referees' assessor, as well as the various video footage, it was not established to the panel's satisfaction that the referee had been deceived in taking his decision on the penalty."

Dengan keputusan itu, Bintang Croatia, Eduardo kini boleh beraksi dengan 'hati yang tenang' bagi menghadapi Standard Liege pada hari Rabu dan Olympiakos dalam dua minggu berikutnya.

Nampaknya semenjak berlakunya insiden ini, berkemungkinan ia menyebabkan fokus di kem Arsenal sedikit sebanyak terganggu, kerana secara tidak sengaja semenjak 'hangat'nya insiden ini selepas itu Arsenal terus mengalami 2 kekalahan berturut-turut. Harap selepas perlawanan dengan Standard Liege Arsenal akan kembali ke landasan asal.

Berikut adalah kenyataan balas Eduardo selepas keputusan akhir UEFA itu;

“I’m very pleased that we have finally arrived at the truth. All we needed to do was to prove what happened and we have managed to do that. This decision makes me feel a lot better.

“I certainly feel relieved now. I have had great support from my family, friends and of course everyone at the club.

“Now I just want to forget about this and think about our match against Standard Liege on Wednesday. I was always prepared for the match in Belgium because I had good feeling and I always remained positive about the outcome. Now [that] we have a final result, I can now look forward to helping the team on Wednesday night.

“All I remember of the incident is that as soon as I had possession of the ball I headed towards goal at full speed. I was very close to the Celtic keeper and felt contact on my foot and then lost my balance. I know perhaps more than anyone else that when you have contact at speed it can be dangerous.

“I just want to say that I’m a fair player. To score goals you must take your opportunities and I’m not the type of player who needs to be dishonest to score goals.”


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