Friday, March 11, 2011

Quote of the Day | Arsene Wenger

Two kinds of people can be unhappy; those who love Arsenal and those who love football can be frustrated with the referee’s decisions. When he made the decision it was a very promising game, very interesting. That’s the regret. We lost against a very good Barcelona side, congratulations to them and good luck for the future. We have many regrets tonight because we didn’t expect to lose the game like that. I feel sorry for people who watched the game tonight. Arsène Wenger

Korang tengok molek-molek kat gambar (.gif) ni, bertapa 'hangin'nya si rosciky pada keputusan pengadil


Aku fiqa said...

yela..hehe..jenuh persie memusing...wisel ref tuh len kali tiup bg kuat skit..agak2 la...dgn penonton ad berpuluh ribu mna nak dgr wisel dia yg bunyi slow tu

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